Secure anti-fake system that connects
you to your consumer directly

Ensure safety of your products and engage your consumer
directly at the point of sale

One-touch secure

Your consumer can authenticate your product
with a single touch of smartphone in seconds.
Both before and after buying.

Walimai is very secure

Even we can't fake it.

Other anti-fake systems
are not very secure

Old system (e.g. holograms) and new ones
(QR code based, simple RFID/NFC) are easily
broken. Even if encrypted.

Your consumer gets to know
it is safe before buying

Which option do you prefer?

1. "I can be sure it's not fake now".
2. "I need to buy. Then l can check. If it is fake,
I may be able to return".

We will make Walimai
the anti-fake standard

One of Walimai founders presenting to prime
ministers Li Keqiang (China) and Dmitry Medvedev

App features

Walimai helps your
product stand out from
the crowd

Many products are becoming a commodity.
People care about safety. Be different, give
them the safety.

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